Solar Electric Job Process


Initial phone/web contact

First we will need to collect your last twelve months electrical usage history. This will give us a great snap shot your past usage to help gauge the size of your system requirements. We will also look at satellite imagery of your property to make an initial assessment of the solar harvest potential. If everything looks good we schedule a free initial site evaluation visit.


Initial Site Evaluation

During the initial site evaluation visit we can survey your property to confirm the solar harvest potential. Using several techniques, we will gather measurements and specific data so that we can design a site map which highlights the highest level solar orientation areas on your roof or within your property boundary. We will also evaluate the condition of the roof and life expectancy.


Formal Proposal  

Genesis California will prepare a detailed proposal for your home solar electric system. There’s no obligation and it’s free. Your system designer will work with you to customize a solar electric system which meets your electrical needs, your home’s architecture and your financial goals. Your system proposal will outline the size of solar electric system, services included, government incentives, environmental profile, pricing and a comprehensive financial analysis


Necessary Paperwork

With a signed agreement, Genesis California will secure your city/county permits and coordinate with the utility on the installation of your new solar system. We then order the solar electric equipment and schedule the installation date.



Installations, including electrical inspections, will typically take around five days for an average home. We will clean up every day and communicate the next day’s work schedule, keeping you informed of the jobs progress.



Upon city inspection approval of the solar electric system installation, they will call the utility company for their interconnection approval. This normally takes up to ten working days. After the utility approves your solar electric systems commissioning, we will energize the system. Congratulations, you are now an independent energy producer. Your solar electric system is warranted for 10 years covering workmanship. Your modules and micro inverters are warranted for 25 years.

We decided to purchase solar to take advantage of the 30% tax credit. Genesis California offered a 12 month same-as-cash deal. So at this point, we have a $0 electric bill and $0 “loan” payment, and the savings is going into a savings account to pay off the loan in 12 months. The system will break-even in about 6-7 years so we will virtually have no electric expenses for the next 25+ years. We looked at numerous companies and compared multiple proposals, but Genesis California was the most responsive, professional and very competitive.
— Ted S.